Katja Stienen

Am | Yours? two cardboard wall pieces, somewhere in the streets of Maastricht, Pentecost, Kunsttour 2013

Betonrot N.t. watercolor and lacquer on paper, 2012/'13 Exhibition "BETONROT ADD ONE" in arthouse SECONDroom Antwerpen on june 15th 2013

BirdArtProject Maastricht, 'Rare bird' bird made out of canvas circles, autumn 2012

Farewel to Gies G: Swan song ink on paper. Gallery 3G, Sittard, 2012

Organisch Constructivisme Catalogue of paintings, wall pieces and ceramics, 24 pag. A4, soft cover. Dutch text. Euro 22 (incl. porto).

A circle has no corners
Booklet of machined sewing on paper. For the 3rd Sheffield Artist's Book Prize 2011

Projectmailartbooks Machined sewing on paper, 1st version, Gallery 3G, Sittard,20-08 / 28-10 2011

Calle Ocho Etsy On line sale of small / figurative work

Saatchi On line sale of abstract prints

It's a small world Book with gouaches, paintings and texts for a solo exhibit in Palestina, 2009

Charming Alarming Book with chinese batiks and gouaches inspired by expo Al-Kahf gallery, Bethlehem, 2004

Art Colony Krapanj. Drawings, group exhibit Gallery Shibenik, Kroatia, May 2003