Katja Stienen

Redbubble Bags, T-shirts, posters, cards, and much more, with my work. Orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours.

Pinterest With an impression of my paintings, wall objects and photographs applied to clothing, interior accessories, etc.

Am | Yours? two cardboard wall pieces, somewhere in the streets of Maastricht, Pentecost, Kunsttour 2013

Betonrot N.t. watercolor and lacquer on paper, 2012/'13 Exhibition "BETONROT ADD ONE" in arthouse SECONDroom Antwerpen on june 15th 2013

BirdArtProject Maastricht, 'Rare bird' bird made out of canvas circles, autumn 2012

Farewel to Gies G: Swan song ink on paper. Gallery 3G, Sittard, 2012

Organisch Constructivisme Catalogue of paintings, wall pieces and ceramics, 24 pag. A4, soft cover. Dutch text. Euro 22 (incl. porto).

A circle has no corners
Booklet of machined sewing on paper. For the 3rd Sheffield Artist's Book Prize 2011

Projectmailartbooks Machined sewing on paper, 1st version, Gallery 3G, Sittard,20-08 / 28-10 2011

Calle Ocho Etsy On line sale of small / figurative work

Saatchi On line sale of abstract prints

It's a small world Book with gouaches, paintings and texts for a solo exhibit in Palestina, 2009

Charming Alarming Book with chinese batiks and gouaches inspired by expo Al-Kahf gallery, Bethlehem, 2004

Art Colony Krapanj. Drawings, group exhibit Gallery Shibenik, Kroatia, May 2003