Katja Stienen

Born and raised in Limburg, the Netherlands, the artist received her artistical education in Maastricht and Amsterdam, resulting in two teaching degrees; Textile Art and Painting. Besides, after returning to the South, she started exploring the possibilities of Ceramic. During her artistic career she dealt with figurative, illustrative as well as abstract work, always looking for the core, the characteristic. She increasingly came to the belief that the characteristic of someone or something is reflected in the formal aspects: the shape of a nose, the pattern of shadow spots, the colors of a landscape. And that figuration stands in the way of perception. The viewer sees something familiar and looks no further. That's why she decided to concentrate on formal elements; color, shape, composition, rhythm, movement and the image that she could create, the atmosphere and the possible associations. In abstraction, the artist derives from an existing image that he disposes of ballast back to the core of that image. This work is not abstract, it is non-figurative. Formal elements are used for building a new image that doesn’t refer to anything, nor to a higher dimension. It can be interpreted by the viewer, according to her/his own associations. Beyond figuration and functionality the road beyond the known is cleared.
Contact: 06 406 858 95 / kunst@katjastienen.nl