Katja Stienen

Born and raised in Limburg, the Netherlands, I received my artistical education in Maastricht and Amsterdam, resulting in two teaching degrees; Textile Art and Painting. Besides, after returning to the South, I started exploring the possibilities of Ceramic. During my artistic career I have dealt with figurative, illustrative as well as abstract work, always looking for the core, the characteristic. I increasingly came to the belief that the characteristic of someone or something is reflected in the formal aspects: the shape of a nose, the pattern of shadow spots, the colors of a landscape. And that figuration stands in the way of perception. The viewer sees something familiar and looks no further. So I decided to concentrate on formal elements; color, shape, composition, rhythm, movement and the image that I can create, the atmosphere I can call and the possible associations with the whole. In abstraction, the artist derives from an existing image that he disposes of ballast back to the core of that image. I donít. I use formal elements building a new image that doesnít refer to anything, nor to a higher dimension. It can be interpreted by the viewer, according to his own associations. Beyond figuration and functionality I hope to free the road beyond the known.
You are most welcome to visit by appointment; M: 06 406 858 95 / email: kunst@katjastienen.nl